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LPSDKP Smart Off Grid PV System at Bungus Padang

Independent yet flexible, smart PV power supply solution for rural areas.

Loka Penelitian Sumber Daya dan Kerentanan Pesisir (LPSDKP) is a research institute for coastal resources and vulnerability located 16 km south of the capital of West Sumatra province, Padang. Organizationally, this research institute is working under Research and Development department of Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries. The idea behind this project was to create a green-sustainable solution to the electricity problems such as often blackouts and widely fluctuating grid AC voltage which are harmful to computers and electrical equipments and thus, lower the institute’s work performance.

The PV System has successfully exceed the expectation, not only generating sustainable energy, but solving all the institute’s electricity supply problem as the peak generated power occurs also during the peak office hours, supplying 60% of the building electricity needs. Integrated to work together with the institute’s existing grid electricity system, the system provides seamless power supply in the event of blackouts while maximizing self-consumption of the PV-generated electricity.

The system uses Frequency Shift Power Control method of operation which preserve battery lifetime significantly. The loads connected to the system are two air-conditioners, a computer server, office lightings, 20 desktop computers and peripherals loads. The system generates average of 21.6 MWh, equal to 15 tons of CO2 emission per year.

Located in a disaster prone area and very close to the coast, the modules and mounting system are designed to withstand hurricanes with wind speed of up to 160 km/h, earthquakes and salt mist corrosion. With the help of the remote monitoring system, the system achieves its higher functions of accountability, data logging, remote-monitoring via internet, self-diagnose and providing useful weather data to the institute. The institute is the first Indonesian government office that employs this smart system.

The project was done by our sister company PT. Surya Sarana Semesta after winning the project tender through electronic procurement (e-proc) processes. The project was financed by Indonesian government through the 2012 fiscal year budget.

December 2012

Nominal Power
14.700 Wp

Battery Energy Reserve
96.000 Wh

Suntech Power STP245-20/Wd

SMA Sunny Mini Central 5000A

Battery Inverters
SMA Sunny Island 5048

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